What Are You Putting Up With?

what are you putting up with?Do you catch yourself saying ‘I really should…’ or ‘I wish I could…’ or ‘I wish I had…’  What are your frustrations?

Often we get bogged down by things that accumulate over time and end up cluttering our minds. If I think back to a previous role for me the frustrations were:


  • An old laptop
  • Too many meetings
  • Too little time with my team
  • My desk being messy
  • Too many emails
  • Guilt about hours I spent at work versus spending time with my Children & Husband
  • Not enough exercise
  • Rushing around
  • Lack of support

The list was probably longer than that but you get the idea! – all of these things bogged me down, drained my energy and stopped me from seeing priorities. If I knew what I know now I would have tackled these. When you stop and put your frustrations down on paper you straight away become more aware of what is slowing you down and you start to see that you have many options for changing or fixing things.

So, what do you put up with on a daily basis? You may not want to do anything about them right now, but just writing them down will raise your awareness and you’ll naturally start finding options to handle, fix or resolve them. So, why wait, make a list of what you’re putting up with at work and at home and get started.

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