Everyone has the capacity to learn and develop. It’s always inspiring seeing just what people can achieve when they invest time in looking at what they want and what they need to do to get there. Here’s what they said about working with me.

Individual coaching:

“With Ruth’s help I have found confidence in my ability to do my job better and be more effective and efficient.  I was surprised to find that I now have the time to think, plan and be proactive, rather than reactive and, above all, able to positively learn from experiences. By revisiting past doubts and feelings of inadequacy and turning them on their head, the future is now considerably clearer.” Trevor

Small business coaching:

“Having used Ruth’s services now for over 18 months my business has finally begun to grow, improve, and have direction. My business turnover doubled last year since employing Ruth’s services. These results have largely come about through Ruth’s coaching abilities, support and determination to want me to succeed just as much as I do.

Ruth has a rare skill, she not only has excellent coaching abilities, but also, a very good sounding board, who listens to you and then offers back some very good opinions and possible solutions to the problems.

In 2016 Ruth attended several of my Team meetings, and because of this, our meetings are now far more productive, more professional, and have clearer aims, meanings and outcomes for each topic covered. The team members also benefited from Ruth’s input, their approach to the business has improved, and they now use their time and mine, far more productively and wisely.

Ruth’s coaching and support has also given me the confidence to want to expand the business even further, and with her ongoing support and back up, I shall be treading in areas where in the past I would not have dared to tread.

Thank you, Ruth, for all your help and support so far, and I look forward to continuing to work with you for many more years to come.”  Stephen Drury, Stephen James Drury & Associates Estate Planning Practitioners

Facilitated Session:

“I was really impressed with the presentation Ruth gave today at the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce Sleaford Business Breakfast Group meeting. Ruth has a fantastic way of making you feel relaxed, keen to participate and share ideas with others.  She helps you to express and clarify your thoughts and set your own goals.  She has made myself and my fellow directors feel more confident in our abilities and more cohesive as a team when she worked with the 3 of us on implementing a  new appraisal system last year.  I would not hesitate in recommending her in her varied roles as a facilitator, a trainer, a mentor and a coach.  Not only is Ruth extremely good at what she does, she has lots of experience of the workplace and also can be totally trusted.” Kate, Ray Butler Ltd

Practical Coaching Skills programme:

“This course is the most beneficial one I have ever attended. I have learned the tools I need, to deal with situations I would previously have avoided. I have gained much confidence & self-belief as a result. Thank you.” S. Flanagan

“Ruth is a very good trainer, after each session she asked what the team wanted from the next session and would change it to meet our needs. All supervisors/managers should attend!” S. Cross

“Very interactive, proactive approach to learning” I Huggett

Business Planning & Growth Coaching:

“Using Illuminarity has been beneficial for the success and growth of Zen over the last 6 months, giving the team focus and structure to everyday activities. We now have clear goals and objectives with necessary planning to achieve them. Without the unbiased external input we would lack direction and efficiency to expand as a business & personally. It has been an exciting time and we look forward to working with Ruth over the next year.” Zen Creative Ltd, Design Agency

Building an Effective Team – Developing a shared vision:

“I have worked with Ruth over the last couple of months and she delivered a session for me, to my team of Business Managers at a Team Meeting. The session was extremely thought provoking and well received and has acted as a platform for the future. Thank you.” Stew O’Dell, Area Business Manager, Barclays

Personal Development coaching – Building Confidence: 

“I feel completely energised with the coaching that I have undertaken with Illuminarity (Ruth Cass), I have found every session highly thought provoking and incredibly valuable in taking time to think through different situations and approaches for improving my confidence. I now have a very clear idea of the actions I will take to support my future career progression.” Account Manager, Construction Industry

Career Change Coaching & First 100 Days:

“I am grateful to Ruth Cass at Illuminarity who enabled me to gain clarity about a change in my career and coached me through the first 100 days of my new role as an Executive on the Management Board of a company in the City. Thanks” Executive, Private Sector.

Career Coaching – New Role:

“Working with Ruth has greatly assisted me on both a personal and professional level. Coaching has supported my transition into a new role by giving me tools and techniques to build confidence, deal with conflict and challenge my own self-limiting behaviours.
Coaching has helped me develop my relationships as a line manager. As a consequence I now use a coaching style in managing my team. I have also received positive feedback on my style from key stakeholders.
I would recommend Ruth as she has a excellent degree of empathy and understanding of difficult and complex situations at work. The process of coaching was highly goal-orientated with measurement of the results being part of the process. As such it was clear to see it working from day one.” Senior Account Manager, Public Sector/Government

Business Development – Planning & Strategy:

“The impact of coaching has far exceeded my expectations. Ruth’s encouragement, positive attitude and ability to listen have made me look at myself and my business in a different way. Thanks to Ruth for asking the right questions, I now have a very clear idea of where I want to be in 5 years time and how to get there.

I would recommend coaching to anyone, whether you use it for your personal or professional life or both. ” Interior Designer/Business Owner

Personal development Coaching – Reviewing Priorities:

“My sessions were extremely relaxed, just being able to talk and discovering, with Ruth’s focused questioning and reaffirmation, I actually had the answers, they just needed some clarity.
Ruth’s approach to coaching provides support, praise and encouragement throughout the journey and for me has resulted in increased self esteem and determination to stay positive, focused and calm.
The whole coaching experience re-enforces what’s important and Ruth’s style gives you that gentle push to reassess your priorities and face challenges you would otherwise never get round to. Thank you Ruth.” Project Manager, Private Sector.