Improve Your Business

Success, improve effectiveness, develop peopleYour people are at the heart of your success.

  • Do you want to improve effectiveness by developing your staff?  
  • Are your managers technically experienced but new to leading teams? 
  • Is your team effective or do conflicts hold you back?
  • Do you need time to think and plan the future?

If you answered yes to any of these, I can help. Investing in developing your people doesn’t have to cost the earth and it will increase your productivity and improve effectiveness, saving you money in the short, medium and long term.

In fact…

  • Effective leadership = happier, better motivated staff that all pull in the same direction
  • Teams that work well together = less unhealthy conflict & delays
  • Change that is managed well = buy in at all levels and successful change
  • Effective recruitment = people with the right behaviours, in jobs they are suited to, that fit within the team

If you want to improve motivation, skills and productivity in your business or want to develop yourself, let’s talk.


Ordinary training typically increases productivity by 22%, while training combined with coaching increases productivity by 88%. International Personnel Management Association

I offer:
Practical Training – to up-skill your staff
Individual & Team Coaching – to unlock potential and embed learning

Our integrated programmes focus on high impact areas in the workplace. They combine training/facilitation with coaching and action learning to improve effectiveness and ensure lasting impact for individuals and the business.


“This course is the most beneficial one I have ever attended. I have learned the tools I need, to deal with situations I would previously have avoided... Thank you.” Team Leader, Construction

..."I would recommend coaching to anyone who wants change things in their life and achieve their goals." Sue T

“Using Illuminarity has been beneficial for the success and growth of Zen over the last 6 months, giving the team focus and structure to everyday activities. We now have clear goals and objectives with necessary planning to achieve them...” Zen Creative Ltd, Design Agency

..."Coaching has supported my transition into a new role by giving me tools and techniques to build confidence, deal with conflict and challenge my own self-limiting behaviours. Account manager, Public Sector.

“Very interactive, proactive approach to learning” I Huggett