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7 Tips for a happy and productive workplace

People tend to be happy and engaged in the workplace when they are good at their job, have autonomy, understand their purpose and can see they are making a difference. Do you have a happy workplace?   If your office

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3 Steps to Improve Your Influencing

Are you spending lots of effort trying to influence others with limited success?  If you want to be successful at influencing people, I have found you need to tackle it as a job.  It is important to prepare, plan and

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Spring Clean Your Mind and Get Motivated

Are you feeling de-motivated or bogged down by things?  Are there lots of things you keep thinking about doing but dont get round to them?  When we keep putting things off, they don’t tend to go away, far from it

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What Are You Putting Up With?

Do you catch yourself saying ‘I really should…’ or ‘I wish I could…’ or ‘I wish I had…’  What are your frustrations? Often we get bogged down by things that accumulate over time and end up cluttering our minds. If

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Getting It Right For Your Customers

You only usually have one or at a push two chances to impress a customer and get those all important referrals, especially if you work locally.  In my experience being small can be a big advantage. As a small business you

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5 Top Tips For Setting Goals and Achieving Them

Do you want to stop talking about it and start doing it? Often when we set new goals we begin full of enthusiasm and then the motivation fizzles out – Why is that? Here are 5 top tips to increase

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“This course is the most beneficial one I have ever attended. I have learned the tools I need, to deal with situations I would previously have avoided... Thank you.” Team Leader, Construction

..."I would recommend coaching to anyone who wants change things in their life and achieve their goals." Sue T

“Using Illuminarity has been beneficial for the success and growth of Zen over the last 6 months, giving the team focus and structure to everyday activities. We now have clear goals and objectives with necessary planning to achieve them...” Zen Creative Ltd, Design Agency

..."Coaching has supported my transition into a new role by giving me tools and techniques to build confidence, deal with conflict and challenge my own self-limiting behaviours. Account manager, Public Sector.

“Very interactive, proactive approach to learning” I Huggett