7 Tips for making a good first impression

Top Tips to make a good first impressionMaking a good first impression is important in lots of situations and it requires eye contact, approach-ability and confidence.


I am sure we all have certain situations where we have to take a deep breath and give ourselves a good talking to. Whether it is an interview, important meeting, presentation or networking event.

Here are some tips for making a good first impression:

Tip 1: Posture – with your shoulders back, head up and back straight you will get an instant lift inside and will therefore look (and feel) more confident. Research has shown that posture has a big impact on how we feel, act, talk and how others see us.

Tip 2: Eye contact - make lots of good eye contact with people you are meeting, good eye contact builds trust. I don’t mean staring, you are allowed to break eye contact!!

Tip 3: Handshake – I am sure we have all come across many different handshakes, limp fish, bone crushers, barely there, holding on for too long… and it does make an impression. Next time you shake someones hand, notice how you do it and always try for a firm handshake.

Tip 4: Be confident – even if you don’t feel it :) putting your shoulders back, head up and looking around the room as you purposefully walk in and look warm and friendly… you get the gist!

Tip 5: Listen – I read: ‘To be ‘interesting’ you need to be interested (in others)’.  Ask questions, listen and be genuinely  interested in the person you are talking to.

Tip 6: Be prepared - whatever you are doing make sure you prepare well, it will give you confidence and show others that you have invested time and effort in them which makes a good impression.

Tip 7: Be genuine - although the above tips are things to remember to make a good first impression, it is important to be natural about your approach.  Start noticing your own body language and notice the things that others do well to make you feel at ease.  Don’t forget, every new acquaintance is an opportunity to make a new friend, a business opportunity, someone to share ideas with or simply an interesting interaction.



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